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Washie Toilet Seat - The solution to dirty toilet seats in public restrooms. Our seat provides customers with a cleaner restroom experience. Eliminating ineffective paper toilet seat covers forever!


Simply GRAB a few pieces of toilet paper, HOLD your hand over the sensor located on the side of the seat, cleaning solution will rise to the surface of the seat, WIPE the seat down before use. 3 easy steps to a cleaner public restroom experience. 

"Satisfied customer! No more hovering." - Charity H. 

"The product was easy to use and left me with a clean toilet in a public facility! I will continue to enjoy these toilets rather than the ones that only offer paper." - Carolina V. 

"Can I just say AMAZING! It was so nice to go into a bathroom, sit down, knowing the seat was clean, because I cleaned it before. It was very easy to use too! Thank you Washie for such a wonderful product." - Amy B.

"I hope that someday every public toilet uses this seat. Surprisingly amazing!" - Danny T 

"Refreshing (literally) to have access to a public toilet that is clean and safe!" - Michele M. 

"I was pleased to see such a great product in place. Definitely gives more peace of mind about using public restrooms. I hope to see more locations add them!" - Paula D.

"Such an awesome experience. This should be in every public restroom. What a great product." - Tiffany P. 

"So easy to use, it’s quick, pain free, and cleans the seat sufficiently. No fumbling with that horrible paper seat cover that always breaks, doesn’t cover the seat, and sticks to your backside." - Brent W. 

"I never knew I needed this toilet seat in my life until I used it. Nobody likes public restrooms but Washie makes the experience much better. Only wish it was the norm everywhere I go!" - Daniel O'Keef.



"We are very happy with our Washie toilet seats and have received many positive comments from our customers.  They are well constructed and have performed flawlessly over the past year.  Pocatello Regional Airport is happy to offer a more sanitary experience for our customers and would recommend this product to others who are looking to do the same." Alan Evans - Airport Manager

"The install and transition to a smart seat was seamless. Our employees and members really love it, it makes them feel that we truly care about their experience here at Trailhead." Tiam Rastegar - Executive Director

“Washie Toilet seats provide a clean experience that has taken off with other businesses around the area. When we have visitors to our chamber, which is quite frequent now, it is always fun to ask how our guests like their restroom experience.” Paul Fleming - Senior Account Manager Boise Chamber